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Our Process

The Tower Group process is centered around the simple theme of Plan Well~Invest Well~Live Well. Our process is designed to help simplify your life, save you time, identify and reduce your risks. We believe that any financial plan should start with your life as the central focus and then move outward with strategies to fit your life’s specific needs. It is our mission to help you define your own meaning of Live Well and assist your family to pursue that goal.

At Tower Group Wealth Advisory we are invested in you. We take the time to know your family’s unique situation and partner with you to create a plan to help you work toward financial confidence. You have a dedicated team of advisors who are passionate, competent, credentialed and committed to your success. We believe financial empowerment can allow you to make decisions based on your financial plan. The key to a long-term relationship is attentive communication. By listening, and talking less, we can foster a collaborative relationship whose objective is for you and your family to live well.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Once we get an understanding of what your family’s definition of “Live Well” is, we use our tools to develop a customized financial plan. This comprehensive plan will include risk analysis, asset allocation analysis, liabilities management, insurance planning as well as estate planning recommendations. We will work closely with your accountant and estate planning attorney. This plan is meant to be evolving, because life happens and will be monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Our investment process is a structured approach beginning with a deep understanding of your investment experience, expectations, and goals.  Each client has a unique set of circumstances and experiences which needs to be matched against the demands of their financial plan.  Every plan has a rate of return necessary in order to make the plan work, and our process looks to marry those circumstances and experiences with the return objectives set forth in the financial plan to establish an asset allocation strategy.  We stress test the asset allocation across many scenarios to determine the optimal allocation.  Once the allocation is established, we design the portfolio with various securities and will again, stress test the portfolio design to the same scenarios.  When complete, we monitor and adjust the portfolio as the economic cycle moves through its various phases.  Once again, at each phase, we stress test the allocation to the likely forward scenarios to understand the implication of any adjustments, managing to the discussed risk parameters of the asset allocation.

Risk Management

Risk Management

A true comprehensive financial plan includes, not only asset management but also liability and risk management. There are two sides to every balance sheet and our job is to make sure you are aware of the blind spots and hopefully mitigate any exposure you and your family may have. Risk Management involves taking steps to minimize adverse events.  Whether a financial plan, asset allocation, liability management plan or a family continuity plan, risks need to be identified, analyzed, treated and constantly reviewed. We want to know what keeps you up at night. 

What We Do

The Tower Group process centers on a simple theme of Plan Well – Invest Well – Live Well. When a family decides to take control of their financial life, we are here to help. From an active corporate executive to a mother managing a demanding family schedule, time is a valuable commodity. Our Tower Group process can help simplify your financial life, save time, invest for your future and reduce your risks, providing you comfort so you and your family can live a great life. Our solutions can address some of the major challenges that families face when managing their wealth.

Your Definition of Living Well

The art of living well is to make your life an expression of who you are, your beliefs, hopes, dreams and desires. Your definition of living well is unique. How can you allocate your wealth without a clear definition of living well? First, you have to decide what is most important to your family and we can help you do that. As we work together to  help create your Tower Group Plan, a clear vision of your definition of living well can emerge, as well as a path for getting there.

Managing Your Wealth Today

A financial design for your life begins with where you are today. We start with analysis, obtaining a clear financial picture and assessing risks. By looking at your cash flow, debt, benefits, education funding, taxes and more, we can offer detailed advice to help you pursue lasting financial confidence. Investors want to achieve specific goals and portfolio construction should reflect those aspirations. Our focus is to be aligned with your goals whether it is growth or income.

Coping With Transition

Life changes can bring new responsibilities as well as stress. We are empathetic as we guide you through life’s transitions, whether you’re getting married, starting a family, getting divorced, or recently widowed, receiving an inheritance, establishing or selling a business, or approaching retirement. The Tower Group Initiative can help create stability and comfort. With empathy, we listen and educate, providing strategies that are tailored to your definition of living well.

Protecting your Wealth

Part of managing your wealth involves protecting your assets and preparing for the unexpected. We understand these conversations can be emotionally difficult. Our team will analyze the unique risks that threaten your family and wealth while maintaining emotional balance. We provide estate planning, eldercare planning, and risk management services. We then incorporate these strategies into your wealth program to help ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

Designing a LEGACY and Strategic Philanthropy

Eventually, you will decide how you want your wealth to impact your family, your community and our society. Perhaps you’ve reached a point in your life when you want to give back. Perhaps you are passionate about a cause. Maybe one organization has touched your life or the life of someone you love. You want to create a legacy or pass along your values to future generations. Our comprehensive wealth transfer services  help ensure that you leave a mark as unique as your experiences, passing on what matters most: your values, traditions and beliefs as well as your financial assets and treasured possessions. We can guide you in crafting a plan that articulates your wishes, protects your family, minimizes taxes and preserves your legacy for future generations.

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